Realty services

We’re equipped with trained professionals in all areas of buying, selling, renting, and maintaining properties. 

What We Offer

Buying Property

Buying Property can be a challenge. But that is where we come in! We can provide we outstanding service when it comes to finding the perfect property. We will make sure once you have the property of your dreams it will be taken care of to your highest standards.

Selling Property

The selling process may seem daunting, but your property is in good hands! We will evaluate the property, market the property to qualified buyers, and assemble all of the necessary paperwork. All while getting you the best price possible!

Rental Properties

Looking for the ideal tenant in your rental property? We know the struggle of finding an ideal match for your property. Leave the matching to us! Looking for a place to rent? Our skilled professionals will help you out with every step along the way!

Property Maintenance

With our help, we can increase your ROI, free you from the day-to-day headaches of tenant relations and property management, and provide peace of mind that your investment is being cared for properly. Our approach to management includes balancing the interests of all stakeholders while maintaining exceptional customer service.

Choose a reliable and reputable realty property maintenance service provider who can deliver on their promises and live up to your expectations.

Maintain Your Property

Professional Property Maintenance Services
in New Jersey

Property maintenance is the type of service you contract for when you don’t have time to maintain the condition of your property in a professional manner. If you’re a busy commercial property owner or landlord, it’s a workable solution to help preserve the top-notch condition of your real estate asset—especially if it’s subjected to heavy foot traffic on a daily basis.

Whether your facility is large or small, property maintenance should be considered an integral part of its overall protection and upkeep. American Custom Contractors will act as caretakers and will be primarily responsible for fixing damage and replacing equipment, and replenishing any supplies necessary for the efficient operation of the property.

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